Technical and Land Surveying

GÉOLOCATION can provide the land and technical surveying services you need for projects of any size on both private and federal or provincial public lands. We gather data, analyze regulations and titles, draft maps, and produce documents that meet your needs and meet the highest professional standards for surveyors.

Technical Surveying

  • Geodesic points
  • Sounding (bathymetric) survey
  • Photogrammetric control survey
  • Natural resource exploration surveys
  • Municipal infrastructure surveys
  • Topographical and land surveys
  • As-built survey
  • Construction layout
  • Monitoring and testing surveys

Land Surveying

  • Building certificates
  • Lay out certificates
  • Staking out certificates
  • Cadastral surveys
  • Parcelling for housing projects
  • Subdivisions
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Canada Land Surveyription technique
  • Description by metes and bounds