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We are experts with one goal in mind: to provide you with a unique customer experience. The quality of our professional services as well as our customers’ satisfaction are our top priority.

We are highly-skilled professionals and technicians with a global outlook and complementary profiles. We are a multidisciplinary team of managers, land experts and specialists in new technologies, bringing together our skills in surveying and geomatics to support the most promising business sectors in the North American economy.

Our team is located across the province of Quebec. We know how to make a difference and will help you accomplish your projects in Quebec and Eastern Canada successfully.

The foundation of our corporate culture are deep values that are close to our hearts such as respect, collaboration, teamwork and sharing. We are a big family and our motto is safety above all, and for all.

We work for return customers for whom we spare no effort. These customers develop and carry out projects that directly influence the daily lives of our communities. It is through completing these small to large-scale projects that we find fulfillment. We value our profession and take great pleasure in seeing your projects come to life.

Contacting us means beginning a long-term collaboration based on sustained communication and respectful human relationships. Welcome to the top, with the best in the business.