3D scanning : how to proceed in electrical substation

Each winter, Géolocation is called upon for its expertise in 3D scanning under fairly “electrifying” conditions. The objective of these surveys is then the production of high quality point clouds !

Safety first !

To keep a zero-risk of incidents and guarantee the highest quality standards, we often use terrestrial LiDAR in electrical substation. As the data acquisition is carried out remotely by laser scanning, there is no contact with the electrical installations. However, working in a high voltage environment may be at risk for the equipment. Indeed, electrical induction may be high and cause damage to electrical devices or even lead to electric shocks. Also, in addition to customer security standards, our ISO-9001 security manual governs the code of conduct to be adopted. These are essential information documents that help reduce the risk of incidents. Moreover, our field crew have completed all the training sessions required towork on that specific sites. Geolocation’s full collaboration to security procedures therefore allows its teams to operate safely.

High quality data

Géolocation is used to working on sensitive sites requiring a high level of preparation and quality. Whether in the context of electrical or road installations, rigor and meticulousness are required. Thanks to the experience of our professionals and land surveyors, experts in precision measurements, the quality of the data is guaranteed. This is why we work with state-of-the-art softwares and compile the results of precision in a statistical report available to the customer. In order to guarantee centimeter accuracy in the point cloud, we can even measure up to a hundred control points per site!


Specialist in analysis and production of deliverables from 3D scan data, the multidisciplinary team of Géolocation will support you in each of your projects.