Technicien de Géolocation localisant et relevant un câble enfouis

Geolocation’s technicians, team leaders and supervisors have recently updated their knowledge of underground cable and pipeline detection as well as the appropriate location procedures. The training has been given in our office by a qualified expert, specialized in radio-detection, and it included two parts : one theoretical and another practice so that all the participants will be able to use the new equipment as efficiently as possible. Indeed, buried cables and pipelines are not physically detected, but rather the presence or absence of their electromagnetic. It can be measured using the passive mode when emitted by the element itself or the active mode when generated. When this field is produced, three emission modes can be distinguished : the direct-connect method, the electromagnetic clamp connection method and the induction method. During the training course, the choice of equipment as well as the various settings for the frequency of transmission or reception were also discussed through multiple applicative scenarios. Nowadays, more cables, pipelines and other services are buried, such as : fiber optic telecommunication or power cables, transportation, distribution and gas supply, transportation of crude oil or refined petroleum products by pipeline and all other common municipal services such as drinking water supply, storm and sanitary sewer systems. Moreover all these buried installations are often side-by-side and sometimes cross each other, which requires a special attention during the detection and locating process.


Geolocation’s professional survey services are frequently required to show the state of the art, especially during construction planning and site monitoring. Expertise in detection and location of underground cables and pipelines, as well as marking, is an excellent complement to our expertise in construction, technical survey and geomatics. Our professional land surveyors can then display the underground facilities with respect to property rights, registered easements and property boundaries. Thanks to this complementary skill, our teams are able to perform a more complete survey of the site without the intervention of any specialized company, thus reducing the time and costs of the surveys. Large landowners, developers, engineering firms, communication firms, energy production and distribution companies, oil and gas companies (production and distribution) as well as various public and parapublic organizations can therefore benefit from our expertise. This information will definitely give valuable insights to your survey plans and allow a more exhaustive knowledge of the site being studied.