Géolocation involves in flood zones mapping



The last few years have been marked by several major floods. It is reasonable to believe that climate change partly explains these exceptional phenomena and that the frequency and intensity of these will change in the future. Thus, in order to adapt and develop the territory in a resilient manner, the Quebec government has launched a monitoring program. To this end, an amount of $ 29.8 million over five years has been earmarked and will notably allow:

  • acquire LiDAR and bathymetric data;
  • make available a digital bank of aerial photographs and satellite images;
  • represent and model the hydrographic network with precision thanks to the production of digital terrain models and hydrodynamic models;
  • disseminate information on areas at risk of flooding.

As a measurement professional, the land surveyor plays a key role in the acquisition of geospatial data as well as in the preparation of maps and decision support tools. In this sense, Géolocation has carried out several mandates related to the mapping of flood-prone areas in recent years. The company is, among other things, involved in carrying out a mandate for the City of Gatineau to produce a new mapping of flood-prone areas in its territory. This mandate is justified by the major floods of 2017 and 2019 that hit the territory of the City. The water levels recorded during this period have in fact greatly exceeded the 100-year flood recurrence rating. Similar phenomena have occurred in several other regions of Quebec and it is essential to monitor them.

On the other hand, thanks to the certificate of location, the land surveyor is the only professional who can certify whether a property is located in whole or in part within a flood zone. Indeed, this document prepared exclusively by the land surveyor as part of a real estate transaction is an important guarantee for the seller and the buyer.

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