Géolocation : Proud collaborator of Club Med Québec Charlevoix

Géolocation Club Med Quebec Charlevoix

Let’s go for the construction of Club Med Québec Charlevoix, the first all-inclusive village in North America for this legendary organization! Congratulations to Groupe le Massif for this partnership with such a worldwide leader in the tourism industry. We are very proud of our longstanding involvement in the multiple development projects of the Massif de Charlevoix, especially this. Kudos to our crew of technicians and professionals in geomatics and surveying for all their efforts resulting in high quality services. Many thanks to Groupe Le Massif and the Intendant for your trust! To discover their site and activities, click here.


For your projects in surveying or geomatics in Charlevoix or elsewhere in Quebec, do not hesitate to contact us!