As part of a request for supply arrangement and production of Geospatial data for Natural Resources Canada, we have received a qualification contract to participate in the validation and structuring process of the NHN (National Hydro Network). Géolocation’s expertise and understanding of technical specifications of the Canadian Center for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO) have enabled us to meet the requirements. The purpose of NHN through these mandates  is the update and structuring of its national hydrological database. Thus, for validation and structuring, the various datasets provided are analyzed with an automatic process and then with a manual checking. Indeed, only the investigation of an experienced geomatician can bring solutions to complex situations. Géolocation has become the seventh-ranked firm in Canada and is very proud to be part of the certified subcontractors of the Government of Canada for NHN contracts.

Géolocation can design tailored tools in order to automate the validation and structuring of your data. We will process your data to make it perfectly fit within your GIS (Geographic Information System) or database. Do not hesitate to contact us for our specialized GIS services.