Land surveyor and construction site : a guarantee of quality


Every construction site brings its own challenges and concerns. A challenge unknown to the general public lies in the positioning of the structures. However, significant deficiencies in this regards can lead to adverse consequences such as the demolition and reconstruction of a structure. Obviously, the necessary measures must be taken to protect against possible positioning errors. Therefore, this is precisely where the professional service of the land surveyor comes in.

What does the land surveyor do ?

The land surveyor is the measurement expert. He is the only professional authorized to set up or perform measurements relating to property limits (RLRQ A-23, art.34). On the other hand, the CCQ ensures the competence of the skilled workers in the construction industry. It issues training certificates to construction surveyors who follow its training. Geolocation’s team includes several experienced construction surveyors themselves supervised by a strong team of land surveyors. This work organization provides quality support to the field teams regarding calculations. It also enables to have rigorous control over the structures installed. The involvement of a multidisciplinary work team on a construction site like Geolocation’s is a good assurance for our customers. It contributes to a serious quality control about our operations in the field. In addition, the set of services provided by a land surveyor on a construction site is not limited to taking conventional measurements. In fact, surveys carried out by drone, 3D scanning, photogrammetry, bathymetry and aerial LiDAR, for example, will certainly help to effectively meet other needs during the worksite.

How important is the certified basic reference network ?

Specifications for construction often include high accuracy criteria. To comply with them, it is therefore necessary to take appropriate scientific measures and thus establish a stable and accurate reference network. Regardless of the instrument used, the positioning of the structures can never be more precise than the reference network. It is therefore essential to have a robust reference network.The measurement methods and instruments must be adapted to the sites to obtain the required details. These techniques include polygonation, skyline surveys, complex network compensation, leveling, static GNSS and RTK observations, PPP positioning and many others. The quality of the instruments and the rigor of the manipulations are essential to obtain the expected results. The land surveyor is the perfect professional to certify the establishment or verification of such a network and guarantee its accuracy. He also confirms that the coordinate system of the base network is consistent with the initial requirements from the plans. 

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