Ministère des Ressources Naturelles et de la Faune

In the spring of 2012, the Quebec Ministère des Ressources Naturelles et de la Faune gave us the mandate to do GPS observations and data processing to establish the High Precision Geodetic Network in 13 Inuit communities of Quebec’s High North.  The mandate set out by the Direction de la Référence Géodésique (DRG) called for providing network users with a geodetic reference system that would be both user-friendly, timely, of homogenous quality, and soundly distributed across the entire Quebec territory.  The geodetic infrastructure is a public utility used by a number of professionals in producing goods and services for citizens, and by private and public organizations and governments.  Being ourselves a large user of the Quebec geodetic network, it makes us in sync with the needs of its users.  As such and thanks to our expertise, we are well aware of the repercussions and potential problems in doing geodetic projects in remote locations. The sound management of technical resources by our highly-qualified staff as well as strong management of project logistics on the ground all contributed to making our operations successful.