Drone in operation at Percé

« On November 17 2017, Transport Canada issued a new SFOC[1] to expand the area of operation to the rest of Canada. Consequently, Arpentage Parleciel becomes one of the first companies, if not the first company, to obtain a compliant SFOC valid in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Applying to this SFOC required Arpentage Parleciel to prove their compliance on three major criteria: UAV, pilot qualifications, manuals and procedures. As for training, all the pilots of the company were trained by Spectral Aviation. Based on Transport Canada’s TP15263, the courses allowed Arpentage Parleciel’s employees to gain the required level of knowledge. The certificate provided by the training organization then enabled the New Richmond company to show a solid proof of qualification to the civil aviation regulation body. It was then possible for Arpentage Parleciel to operate for several years under the conditions of complex operator SFOC and thus show their high degree of professionalism and their aptitude to carry out safe operations.»[2]

The combined expertise of Géolocation and Arpentage Parleciel is the winning solution for conducting your drone surveys across Canada, using state-of-the-art equipment and qualified professionals accredited by Transport Canada.

Do not hesitate to contact us to inform us about your needs. We also invite you to consult the following link for information : UAVs : a judicious solution for land surveying, LiDAR and imagery


[1] SFOC : Special Light Operations Certificate

[2] SPECTRAL AVIATION, The first compliant SFOC issued in Quebec, https://spectralaviation.com/en/first-compliant-sfoc-issued-quebec/ [17th November 2017]