Role of qualified land surveyors within a team of construction supervision


Géolocation is proud to offer technical surveying services thanks to its own site supervision team. Our recent involvement in the realization of major infrastructure projects in Quebec has definitely contributed to their success. Our specialized professional and technical resources help to ensure the quality of installations and respect plans and specifications. The role of the land surveyor here mainly covers two missions. First, he establishes the spatial reference and the basic network to the terrain used to tie all the operations together. Then, he checks the dimensions, location and quantities of the as-built infrastructure by the contractor. Finally, the land surveyor informs the engineering supervisor of any anomaly detected during the surveys.

Benefits with a QLS on site

As an expert in measurement, the land surveyor performs professional monitoring of the progress of the site. First, our technical resources inform the site manager of the preliminary survey results. In the office, the land surveyor validates the data and compares it to the measurements listed in the plans and specifications. Then he writes an evolving timed report summarizing his observations on any discrepancy between the measured and theoretical data. This eliminates any risk of errors associated with calculations and transmission of information collected in the field. The plans and documents produced by the land surveyor not only validate the measurements specified in the plans and specifications, but they also allow rigorous monitoring of the quantities declared by the construction contractor.

Our knowledge and expertise provide a strong support to the site supervisor during the execution of the work. In addition, the involvement of a land surveyor in a monitoring team has several positive effects. These include, for example, the certification of measures, the production of high-level deliverables, customized assistance and on top, a professional service.

Recent involvments

In 2020, our teams were involved in four major road infrastructure projects within the monitoring team of the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) at the Direction générale de la Capitale-Nationale. Geolocation was also requested by engineering firms and the Société québécoise des infrastructures to collaborate within surveillance teams on various major projects including the start of Phase 3 of the Samuel-de Champlain promenade and the construction of an interchange on the Henri-IV highway. 

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