Our services using satellite radar imagery (InSAR)


Geolocation offers monitoring services using the radar interferometry method. This emerging technique is used in a variety of fields, mainly for the highly accurate detection of surface deformation.

Here are a few examples of applications:

  • For earth deformation monitoring, enabling early detection of ground movements, essential for natural hazard management;
  • For landslide monitoring in at-risk areas, detecting ground movements that could indicate impending landslides or problems;
  • For the management of infrastructures such as bridges and dams, using radar interferometry to assess potential deformations;
  • For monitoring environmental changes such as forests clearing, sea-level rise and land-use changes;
  • For the analysis of glacier and ice cap movements in polar regions, providing crucial information on climate change.

Results are delivered via an easy-to-use interface for consultation and analysis.

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