Terrestrial laser scanning and
3D modeling

For several years, GEOLOCATION has been providing high-quality professional services to its customers in the deployment of 3D scanning technology.

Thanks to the quantity and quality of points generated, our 3D scanners are among the most efficient devices available on the market. Whether it’s the complete 3D digitization of buildings, roads, structures or civil works, we provide this service to engineers, architects, various ministries, municipalities, building contractors and many more. In addition, GEOLOCATION is involved in managing and updating information as part of a BIM (scan to BIM) project.

In addition to 3D modeling of existing infrastructure, one of the great advantages of this technology is its ability to accurately, quickly and remotely measure and digitize complex elements. Whatever their nature, point clouds are made with a high level of detail and precision. The reliability of our measurements is very high because our company applies ISO 9001:2015 quality control procedures.

We have extensive experience in several types of processing software, including Leica Cyclone, RecapPro and AutoDesk. This enables us to adapt several parameters, such as segmentation, decimating, compression, etc., according to your software capabilities in order to maximize ratio between efficiency and the level of detail. We regularly produce point clouds in .rcs/.pts/.e57/.imp format that are compatible with most software. These point clouds ultimately present themselves as an indispensable planning tool throughout a project’s completion.

Services provided

  • 3D scanning with photographs
  • 3D modeling
  • Deformation studies
  • Clearance measurements
  • Accident and/or structural failure investigation
  • Volumetry
  • Topographical plans
  • Full interior BOMA measurements
  • Thematic mapping

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