Are you involved in land management and data structuring?

For several years GEOLOCATION’s multidisciplinary team has been providing technical support and assistance to different organizations in the deployment and use of specialized GIS and CAD software. Unlike expensive and sometimes very heavy training, our approach to providing long-term support through a bank of hours has proven to be more beneficial for our customers, since learning occurs gradually and when needed.

We are well aware that some organizations have a strong interest in developing in-house expertise and autonomy in the use of specialized GIS software. Whether it’s to learn how to master certain operations, work tools, processes, handling, or to properly organize and update spatial reference data, GEOLOCATION’s experienced team is willing to transfer its knowledge to you.

In Quebec, the field of surveying and geomatics enjoys an excellent reputation, and GEOLOCATION is also called upon to provide support in the deployment and use of surveying instruments at the international level.