To ensure the longevity of Canada’s network of more than 840,000 kilometers of pipelines, maintenance and upkeep are essential. Our professionals are involved at several stages of these various interventions, notably to locate, mark and measure the depth of underground infrastructures, to delimit rights-of-way and property boundaries, and to carry out various surveys as required.

The importance of the land surveyor in preserving and maintaining Quebec’s petroleum transportation networks cannot be underestimated. As professionals, we are called upon, among other things, to take the topo-bathymetric measurements required to create an accurate digital terrain model along river crossings. At the same time, using specialized instruments, we are able to measure the thickness of sediments above the pipeline and produce a 3D model. The resulting plans enable us to show potential exposures and compare the evolution of sediment and pipeline movement from one era to the next.

As soon as an anomaly is detected, whether it’s bank erosion exposing the pipe, soil subsidence, or any other alteration that could compromise the integrity of the pipeline, we immediately report it to the customer. The customer can then take the most appropriate corrective action according to the situation, thus guaranteeing the safety of the installations and the protection of riparian ecosystems.

It’s essential to note that the role of surveyors is not limited to reacting to incidents. We also work upstream to prevent risks and maintain the reliability of oil and gas transportation networks, while preserving our environment.

Geolocation has now been working for many years on vegetation control, corrosion control, pipeline repair and maintenance programs, and has built up solid expertise in the field.

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