Technical and land survey on road projects in Quebec


The Ministère des Transports du Québec spends an important amount of money each year to ensure the regular maintenance and to develop the province’s road network. By its implication in survey and geomatics mandates, Géolocation contributes to this essential task. In the last few years, we conducted many surveys resulting in plans showing freeways, highways, culverts and bridges, some of these implying a bathymetric survey. Obviously, crew member safety is a crucial point and we take all possible precaution in terms of road signalisation to enhance it.

Of course, some of these technical or land surveys have to be done in winter conditions, which represents some kind of a challenge for us. Under the snow, some items, such as occupation marks, may not be seen. However, our numerous fields of expertise, such as digital cartography or point cloud processing, allow us to complete and to validate with LiDAR data or aerial photography the information obtained from the field.

Indeed, winter surveys require additional work, both in the office and on the field. However, it is far from being impossible! So, do not hesitate to contact Geolocation for all your survey needs during the cold season!