Terrestrial LiDAR and surveying : an integrated project in Brossard


Geolocation’s solid expertise in 3D scanning and mapping continues to grow! We have recently complety a big project and produced a very detailed topographic plan in Civil3D from technical survey and terrestrial LiDAR. Once coupled with line locating and measurement, we end up with a good proof of an integrated project.

Integration of terrestrial LiDAR (3D scan)

Acquiring a high precision global point cloud (3D scan) is one of the first steps in the field. Thanks to photos captured simultaneously with the LiDAR, it is now possible to easily and efficiently identify the following elements:

  • Borders
  • Sidewalks
  • Building facades
  • Electric poles
  • Street lights
  • Road signs
  • Overhead wires
  • The trees and their diameter
  • The park benches
  • Mailboxes
  • Natural terrain at ground level

From this data, we produce a very accurate and above all highly detailed paving surface.

Technical survey of underground pipes

As the underground infrastructure is very important too, we also located the underground water and sanitary pipes in addition to the multiple buried telecommunication cables. Especially, for each pipe, 360° still images with an excellent image quality complete the datasheet for the rafts. These data are then integrated in 3D into the CAD plan with several relevant information, for example:

  • Drawing of the underground pipe network in 3D
  • Diameter of each pipe
  • Link to the 360° photo
  • Metadata of the infrastructure (type, date…).

This is a great example of a project integrating various measurement methods and types of data. All of these techniques make it possible to collect a large amount of relevant information during the planning and design period. For the acquisition and processing of 3D data for your projects, contact Geolocation to work with experienced resources!

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