The Charlevoix Massif

In September of 2012, GÉOLOCATION was selected to carry out technical and land surveying work as part of the real estate development project of the Charlevoix Massif. Currently at the planning stage, this development project scattered across all of the mountain terrain, is foreseeing the construction of some 500 housing units in the coming years.  GÉOLOCATION has been doing work at the Charlevoix Massif for a number of years.  In 2008, we carried out the base cartography, followed by a series of technical surveying projects to support the development of the slopes. GÉOLOCATION also contributed to the construction of the new cable-lift, the second longest ski lift in the country.  The innovation, passion, service, and integrated expertise in the field offered by our firm have all contributed to making us invaluable and making a difference when we joined this project team.

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